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In Dec 2017, Stormie arrived at the City of Hamilton Animal Services. Picked up as a stray and estimated to be about 12 years of age, a kitty senior! Healthwise, bloodwork, urine analysis and vet examination all went well. However, this gentle sweetheart was suffering from depression. She would wait until everyone else was gone before eating a tiny bit of dry kibble. She had to be syringe fed for wet food. Sue decided that she would do her uttermost to find a home for her before Christmas and posted her story. Hooray! A foster was found! But alas, little Stormie does not do well with other animals, especially cats!

This loving senior thrives on attention, giving loud purrs and head butts to humans. Pantry Four Paws has reduced her adoption fee to only $50 to encourage an adoption for her to live out her days giving back love to her new family, Currently she is sad and needs the extra loving only that special person can give.

Excerpts from our FB Admin, and the Foster Mom.

Diana SlaterGroup Admin Stormie is a little girl who is set in her ways. She would need to be the only pet in the household, so that our darling girl can absorb all the love and affection for herself. This is one beautiful girl, that would be an amazing addition to any family. Please just come by the pet valu Mohawk Rd W. to meet this darling girl, but be prepared to lose your heart. Stormie will be well worth the visit.

Sue Namedof was at animal control and spotted this little beauty. They called her Stormie. She is 12 years old and had been a stray. Someone at some point took very good care of her as she is in very good health. Despite her good health, she was very depressed and not eating. She was having to be force fed. I contacted Sue and said that I would be willing to foster her to see if she could be brought out of her depression and get her eating again. Mary agreed to pull her from animal services and last Saturday we went to go pick her up. I took her to visit Nikki at the clinic. She was a bit dehydrated so she got some fluids and an appetite stimulant. She was a trooper. So laid back. She has been eating and drinking since the moment we got home. Her name is now Holly and she is the most affectionate little lady. I can’t believe nobody was missing her. Who am I kidding. This little beauty was never leaving my house. I think my first foster is a total fail. There is no way I could let her go. Welcome home sweet baby girl. ❤ Thank you Mary and Sue for the amazing work you do. She is now my 3rd pantry kitty. (from her Foster Mom who couldn’t keep her 🙁 .

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