Dec 2017 Our Miracle Kids – Fairen and Fabian still looking for their forever homes!

Fairen and Fabian are finally after six long months ready for adoption – found living under someone’s boathouse full of upper respiratory infection – we were advised that Fairen probably wouldn’t make it through the night and that if she survived she would be blind – she certainly wasn’t putting up with that. Fairen at 5 months of age weighed in at only 0.90 kg – the size of a 6 week old kitten. Today these two healthy happy kittens are ready to be adopted into their new family but they are so attached we are looking for a home where they can stay together. Fairen is the leader and Fabian is her follower. If you are looking for a wonderful pair of kittens to add joy to your home please consider this amazing pair. Kudo’s to their foster mom Bev Robertson who treated them for months and month.

Please visit our Cats and Kittens Available page to see what is available! You can make a DIFFERENCE! Download our Adoption form here: Adoption Application (word doc). If you wish to become part of our Foster Care Program, Download the Foster Care Application : Foster Care Application (pdf)

Looking to Adopt? Here are 10 Tips For Contacting A Rescue

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With the winter season on us, foster homes and rescues are filling rapidly as Hamilton’s Rescues are working against the oncoming weather to get the cats off the streets.

This particular time of year is crucial to have FOSTER HOMES available to help. Most have never known regular meals, or a hand of kindness to scratch an ear or gently stroke their fur. If you would be interested in becoming a volunteer foster in Pantry Four Paws foster program, please contact Mary via email at or download our  FOSTER CARE APPLICATION.

To see some of our truly miraculous recoveries, please visit our Miracle Page.

Your support and donations are what make it possible for us to help animals in need like Gage and Boyd.  If you are interested in making a donation or would like to become a foster home volunteer, please contact us at .