Michonne started out as just a phone call about a cat spotted outside freezing – when we got there a
neighbor tried to say she belonged to someone down the street – We advised the person we would need the neighbor’s address, so we could have them charged with cruelty.Apparently Michonne had been in the neighborhood for months and people put out scraps for her, but as you can see from the photos, it was obviously not enough for her to survive.


















Rocky had been living under someones deck for quite some time. He must have wandered into the wrong yard and someone bashed him over the head with what we think was a shovel. Rocky’s
head had been sliced open and his teeth bashed in from what looked to be multiple strikes with the shovel. Some people saw the rescuers trying to trap him, and although we didn’t get him that day, the people managed to get him and called us for help. We are grateful they helped catch him, as his system had so much poison in it, he would not have survived much longer. Rocky is now an indoor resident in their home. Someone hated cats enough to do this much damage to this poor boy. Thankfully we were there to get him the vet care he so badly needed.






















Amy was found in an alley with a few litter mates. They were only 3 weeks old and no mother. Amy suffered from a prolapsed anus and had pancreatitis. We didn’t know at the time if we were going to be able to save her. Amy had continuous diarrhea for months. We had her from 3 weeks until almost 5 months of age to get her healthy enough to go with her brother Leonard to a new home together. I guess we could actually call them the “2016 Christmas Miracle Adoption”.























Layden was found outside in a back yard, starving, skinny and no fur left due to a severe flea infestation – and broken teeth. A few weeks of good food and flea treatment turned her right around – both Paulie (below) and Layden have found their new homes.




















Paulie was found at a truck stop. The plea was for someone to come and help a pregnant female with a sore paw – we had his paw xrayed – it was inflamed but nothing broken – cleaned up beautifully and Paulie spent a month recovering from his injured paw



























Hermione was found unresponsive in the middle of the road, she was painfully thin to the point of starvation. We had her dropped off at our clinic where they warmed her and got her body temperature up and she began responding. Her coat was full of burrs so we had to do a complete shave job on her – after several months in rehab with our wonderful vet tech we were able to find her a new loving home.

















Nina arrived perfectly healthy, and with two beautiful eyes. About a week after she got here, her left eye began to look really irritated. We tried a few Miracle Nina

different things but to no avail, it just looked worse. She was taken to the vet a few days later, and a couple of options were discussed. One was removal of the eye right away but because of her young age we decided to see if it could be saved.
We started out with two different medications, and then found out about a fairly new procedure whereby you take blood from a healthy cat, and process it into serum to be instilled into the eye every 4 hours. The idea being, to regenerate the damaged cells. Unfortunately after 2 weeks there was no improvement, so the decision was made to remove the eye. Although the surgery is done regularly, it is always risky with one so young. Nina came through it with flying colours.She received awesome care from all the staff at Fruitland Veterinary Hospital , including Sarah who fostered her post surgery. I have to say, she was the best patient ever. That little girl tolerated medication every 2 hours for weeks, and was always happy, and loving.




Meet Peewee! This beautiful baby girl has had quite the start to life! At approx 8 wks old, poor Peewee became very ill. She was taken to the vet and it was discovered that while weaning from mom, she had became terribly constipated. She spent a few days with our wonderful veterinary team and finally…the bomb was dropped!! Yay Peewee!! She came home, back into foster care, but alas..all was not well. She was still not feeling well. So back to the vet she went. Unknown to any of us..this was the start of a month long stay at the vet. Her little body was working hard to fight off the virus. With the support of our veterinary team, she slowly but surely began to recover. But s a result of her tiny body working so hard, she had an immune issue and Peewee began to lose her fur. Our vet ran every test possible, and everything came back negative. She just needed time and TLC to come through this. We cannot thank the staff at Fruitland Veterinary Hospital for all they did to help sweet little Peewee. And to Aaron, who went above and beyond the call of duty and opened her home and heart to help Peewee come back from this. I have no doubt without all your love and hard work she would not be with us today. She is now completely recovered and is a happy, healthy, although slightly bald little kitty! Her fur is growing back, and in no time she will be the gorgeous little girl she was before she fell ill. Peewee was adopted recently!

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Little Carlene, found with her 2 siblings covered in tar, eyes sealed shut, ulcers in both eyes, and even after all the medicating, the ulcer in one eye came back 21 days later. With drops every 3 hours, she was fine, this lil girl had such a struggle and she was adopted with an older long term foster.






Boyd’s Story

Meet Boyd. Boyd’s recovery has been a journey in itself!
Boyd was brought to us by a concerned lady who found him outside, freezing, starving and suffering from frost bite.  We rushed him to our amazing veterinary team.  Boyd spent several days at the clinic where they worked tirelessly to strengthen him enough to even be able to run tests to evaluate his condition. Boyd was in a fight for his life!

But he never gave up. Each day he got a little stronger.  Each day the light in his eyes became a little brighter.  The next leg of his journey was a trip to Guelph where he underwent dental surgery and chiropractic treatment.  He spent a month in a wonderful foster home, receiving care to help him become strong and healthy.  Boyd returned to us and has spent the last few months recuperating, gaining some much needed weight and most importantly experiencing all the love and tenderness that he was missing all those cold winter nights on the street.  Boyd then had to prepare for a second round of oral surgery.  These treatments are expensive but if you look at Boyd now you can see how he has changed and healed.  Boyd has been blessed to be adopted by one of his foster mom’s and we couldn’t be happier for this guy.








Gage’s Story

Gage was posted on a facebook page by a concerned citizen seeking help for him as she could tell his was in trouble.

gage-nowBesides being homeless, hungry, and flea infested, Gage was suffering from andeye infection, an upper respiratory infection and worst of all, he had an open wound on his tail that was infected and festering.  The vet believed he had been attacked by a dog.

Gage was transported to Guelph to the loving care of a wonderful foster mom.  He was immediately put on medication to clear up the eye and upper respiratory infections, but his tail wound would require surgery.  His wound was cleaned and a shunt was placed under the skin to help drain the infection.  Gage handled his treatment like a champ, and we are happy to announce that the shunt was removed and his tail has now healed.  (Isn’t it a beautiful tail!)

This has been a lot for his little body to handle and unfortunately his upper respiratory infection has returned so he was returned to his foster finishing up one more round of antibiotics.  Gage is a character.  He is full of life, he’s inquisitive, and has a ton of love to give.  He has found his forever home.




Your support and donations are what make it possible for us to help animals in need like Gage and Boyd.  If you are interested in making a donation or would like to become a foster home volunteer, please contact us at www.pantryfourpaws.ca